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Will Running a Background Check on Employees Include Tax Records? CredentialCheck Answers

Pre-employment screening can delve into various aspects of an applicant’s life, depending on the job requirements and what the company seeks to uncover before extending an offer. CredentialCheck, a nationwide screening service, sheds light on how tax records might factor into this process.

The term “background check” encompasses a range of investigations, from checking criminal histories to verifying educational qualifications. The extent of background screening for employees varies based on company policies and industry regulations. In some cases, tax records may be part of the screening process.

For entry-level positions, basic background checks typically don’t include a review of an individual’s tax history. However, when applying for roles involving care for vulnerable populations like the elderly or children, more comprehensive screening is conducted.

This may entail examining tax records to ensure the applicant doesn’t face financial pressures that could compromise their ability to provide care. Such heightened screening often involves fingerprinting the applicant. Generally, if fingerprints aren’t taken, tax records are unlikely to be scrutinized.

In some cases, employers may request candidates to provide their tax records and authorize the IRS to disclose private information for a comprehensive tax background check. However, such requests are rare and typically reserved for positions where the employee would handle significant sums of money or have access to highly confidential data.

Additionally, tax liens, being matters of public record, may surface during pre-employment screening. While minor liens might not be flagged, applicants with debts totaling $10,000 or more should anticipate their employers discovering this information.

To delve deeper into what’s involved in background checks, reach out to CredentialCheck at (888) 689-2000. You can also explore their screening services on their website. Based in Troy, MI, CredentialCheck serves businesses and organizations across the nation.

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